Indigo G

  Since the dawn of time mankind has shown thier admiration for artwork by simply staring at the spaces they occupy on the walls of thier caves.

  As time passed throughout every hunt, harvest, extinction and Rebirth...each one more sophisticated than the last. For some reason, We are still left gazing with docile looks on our faces, at the spaces on the walls where the artwork is displayed on.

Well, no more!

  Perhaps it was do to the Philadelphia and South Jersey Scenes that provided the inspirational framework that, Indigo G, now stands firmly upon.

After all, these places are world renowned for their  passion and devotion for the arts!

Indigo G, is a product of it's environment. One that not only believes in / but stands for the ideology of breaking down those very walls & barriers that have confined our artwork for an eternity and transforming them into a fashion statement. 

  For me, it began as Music then grew into Artwork and has now evolved into Attire.

See It. Hear It. Wear it.

          Indigo G


Featured collection: Mirror Ball Guitar