Since the dawn of time art has been found painted on cave walls.

  As time passed through each hunt harvest feast famine and extinction the flame was met with a more sophisticated and enlightened rebirth.

Yet for some reason we still stare full of gaze at the places new creations now occupy those spaces once painted. 

Well the last grain of sand has now fallen. Empty hour glasses where change is a constant frightening filter. 

 Indigo G

 who's foundation was laid in  the streets of Philadelphia and South Jersey!  Places world renowned for their love and devotion for the arts!

 Constructing the inspirational dexterity that it now firmly stands upon today as a safe creative place to experience yourself with the ideology of tearing down those very walls where it all started. 

Removing the barriers that confined our creativity for an eternity while allowing evolution to transform art into a fashion statement. 

  It all began as Music then grew it's way into Artwork and has now evolved into Apparel .

See It. Hear It. Wear it.

 Indigo G


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See It. Hear It. Wear It.

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The Green & Black Attack - Indigo G

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Indigo G Music

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3 Rings Custom Collection - the-Indigo-G-experience

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Aqua Dots Men's Custom Swim Shorts

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The Blue Hue - Indigo G

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